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Waking Up Sober

Benefits of waking up sober

1. I slept so well!! I was in bed at 10pm and slept like the dead (except for when the dog got me up to go to the bathroom)

2. I have energy\

3. My head is not pounding while I’m dying of thirst

4.  I want to eat a healthy breakfast.

5. I have energy for the day ahead

6. I don’t feel bloated, which is great.

I’m going to print this off and put on my fridge and carry in my wallet so I always remember when tempted


Hump Day

Well, today is day 3 of sober living and this is usually my downfall day.  I find it hard to get past a Day 3 then start over the next day.  Though last month I got 5 days in a row which made me happy, then wolfie came to my head and I gave in to him.

So, today I have a plan.  Part of why I drink is to socialize, I admit I am not always the most social of people at work but for the last little while that has been because I’ve been working with a hangover and the last thing I want is to socialize but one can not only talk to the dogs so I would go to the pub to get my fill of human interaction.  Apparently my statements of I don’t really like humans doesn’t mean I don’t need to be around them.  No woman is an island is completely true I have decided.

And I’m beginning to learn that it is all about planning.  So my plan for today is working from home (I have some caselaw to read for an argument I need to make tomorrow) and then go ride around 4pm which means I will still get to socialize but not at the pub.

I woke up feeling excellent this morning.  I slept well (despite dreaming of Sons of Anarchy) and feel ready to conquer the world.  Of I go.