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Day 3 an honest to God Day 3

A day 3.  I’m on day 3.  Who can believe it??  I’m not sure I do but I’m trying!!

I had a crappy sleep last night but got up and went riding this morning and work this afternoon.  I worked late and was finished by 7pm but sat there for another hour debating whether I was going to stop at the Pub for a dinner and a drink (or 3) because it was too late to cook myself dinner. BUT I made myself drive home (hello willpower) all the while arguing with Wolfie that I could still cook for myself and it wasn’t too late.  Plus I have a ton of food in my fridge (if I think of how much food I have thrown away due to going bad as I drank too much to cook is depressing and another post) to cook.   Healthy good food which saves me money if I don’t eat out every night.

So, I made myself steak and salad for supper.  Just to prove it wasn’t too late.  I came home, cooked the meal (plus a steak for lunch for tomorrow) and ate it.  Okay, I fed a large portion of the steak to the dogs because I wasn’t that hungry but I did prove to myself that I am perfectly capable of coming home regardless of the time and make myself supper.  That I don’t somehow lose the ability to cook just because it is after 8pm.  That is a good.  Really good.  And I’m very proud of myself for doing it.

I have also done something now that I have never done before.  I threw out all the liquor in my house.  I’ve never done that before. Usually I keep some hidden, just in case someone comes over (this rarely happens now for reasons which are probably another post. So many future posts, so much time) or, in reality, I just wanted to make sure I had something to drink in the future when I was watching TV or reading or sitting on the couch.  So to me, that makes it feel even more real. Way more real.

So, here’s to Day 3.  And going to bed early tonight, getting up early tomorrow to walk the dogs before going to work.  I just have a good feeling I don’t usually have.