Clearly I need a better way to handle stress

So, Thursday I had legal arguments on something I have been working my ass off on for last couple of weeks.  To say I put a ton of work into this thing is an understatement.  When we got into court on Thursday, the Judge stated we (him, defence and me) had all missed a very minor BUT very important point which made all the work we had put into this moot.  I wanted to cry.  Like really cry.  Or to figure out how to get hours of my life back.

So, how did I deal with this?  Did I go exercise or go eat a pint of ice cream or anything not involving alcohol?  Nope, I went to the pub and had a couple beer then home for a bottle of red wine.  Well, I didn’t actual drink the entire bottle I crashed on the couch (both from drunkenness and exhaustion) and there was a full glass sitting out when I woke in the morning.  I woke half way through the night and got into bed but slept awful because I was having the sweats (I mean who enjoys the part where your body is trying to get rid of the alcohol by sweating it out like crazy)

The next day was painful as I had court all day and very difficult to drag myself out of bed much less be productive.  Well, I was productive and got everything done but do you know how much easier that would be if I hadn’t been hungover?  I didn’t have anything to drink Friday and slept like the dead.  Which made today so much easier, as I had an early riding lesson but I got up early, did the dishes then went out to the barn.

On the upside, there are 4 out of 5 days with Xs on them on my calendar.  And will I fell down on one day (cause I clearly need to figure out how to handle stress, maybe time to look it up) I got back up without days in between or continuing to drink which makes me happy.


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