Belle’s 100 Day Challenge

I’m on day 3 of the 100 challenge and good Lord does a 100 days seem like a lot.  Less so when I say 3 months, which seems easier to me.  Yesterday was one of the first Friday’s that didn’t include a drinking beer at the pub followed by at least a bottle of wine at home then a Saturday being very hungover and probably losing the day.  And that makes me wonder, how many days have I lost due to hangover?  A lot I gotta think, I mean I’ve barely been able to string together 3 days without drinking (unless I was sick or had a concussion) in a good year.  Maybe more.

Last night I went out and rode my horses, something I normally don’t do on a Friday and, you know what, it was fun! And relaxing! More relaxing then drinking at the pub. This may seem obvious for the amount of money I spend on them but the habit of leaving work and going for a drink is a deeply ingrained habit/desire which over powers my desire to do other things I love and have done my entire life.  Amazing what a little perspective does.

I did end up at the barn pub after I rode but this was partly because after I got off my second horse all I could think of was getting a bottle of wine on the way home and drinking some.  I mean, I literally thought “Hey my reward for coming out to the barn to ride on a Friday night should be a bottle of wine” despite the fact I’m not drinking.  I called my friend and we went to the pub where I ordered Ginger Ale and happily drank that.  I was worried that if I went straight home from the barn at 8pm, I would stop at the liquor store and buy wine.  That I just wouldn’t be able to stop myself,  Because, there have been nights when I knew I shouldn’t but I still went and bought booze and I didn’t want that last night.  So, I didn’t end up home til 10:30pm but I drove straight home and went to bed.  I consider that a win,

Now I’m off for a walk/run before \i go to a wedding where I have already arranged to just have the non-alcoholic beverage tickets and told the bride I am not drinking.  Here we go and fuck off Wolfie.


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